Mar. 24th, 2016

Silly :D

Mar. 24th, 2016 12:50 pm
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When holidays come around, one of my colleagues often brings in little decorations that she shares with the rest of us. Among her offerings this year were some cardboard cutouts of bunnies. As people hung them up in their cube windows in pairs, I thought it would be funny if those bunnies were to multiply. So I took a few bunnies and photocopied them at 50% size on colored paper. Monday night while Zen was at school, I cut them out and had a nice little stack. I brought them in on Tuesday and started carrying a few with me anytime I left my desk to go get water or go to the bathroom or go to a meeting or whatever. Whenever I passed a desk that had bunnies up and the person wasn't there, I would tuck a couple of baby bunnies next to it and keep going.

By yesterday evening most folks had 8 - 10 baby bunnies in their windows, and I hadn't heard anyone say anything about it. I was feeling a little disappointed because I was thinking no one had even noticed. I'm off tomorrow so I was going to put all the rest of them out today on my lunch break. A couple hours ago, one of my colleagues said "have you noticed that our bunnies have been multiplying? Like bunnies?" Trying to keep a straight face, I said "oh really?" Another colleague walked up and said "It's you, isn't it!" I admitted that it was. They told me it was a huge mystery, and apparently while I was in a meeting yesterday they were discussing it and trying to guess who was doing it. One gal wasn't in the know yet, so the remainder of the bunnies are now in her window :D


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