Feb. 24th, 2016

Crazy days

Feb. 24th, 2016 08:35 pm
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I've been sick for about the last week and a half. Today was the first day I was finally starting to feel OK again. Things have also been a little crazy.

Work has been incredibly rough. I'm not only doing someone else's job, I'm also up against a deadline for a project I'm working on that has three execs in charge of it, all of whom want different things and have changed the specs of what they want/need multiple times. Also, there's a project I'm tangentially involved in, and the person who's supposed to be running it came to me this morning telling me that I'm the project manager and we're supposed to be going live with this first section of it by the end of the month and no one knows what's going on with the project. I scheduled a meeting with his boss and the rest of the team, because, excuse me? No, this is *not* my project, and I sure as hell don't have time to run it. In 2 - 4 more weeks when the gal I'm covering for finally comes back maybe I can pick it up if needed, but definitely not now. And even though I've been miserably sick, I've had to keep coming to work to get stuff done.

Friday there were high winds and our roof got damaged. Zen called me to come home. When I got there, he and our neighbor got up on the roof and fixed it. I was amazed. It was a horrible and frightening thing but what a relief to have it taken care of so quickly. Zen cooked us dinner that night and brought a pan over to the neighbors to thank them for the help. Tonight when they brought the pan back, I was in my footie pajamas with my makeup half rubbed off, so... keeping it classy. :)

I spent all of last weekend resting and pushing fluids, and we finished watching The Leftovers. Now just need to get back to Doctor Who, we're weeks and weeks behind. Today our work Walking Dead group met for lunch and that was fun too.

Feeling extra grateful for Zen... Repairing the roof, cooking for us and bringing a dish to the neighbors, getting me medication and taking care of me... he's always so loving and supportive, and I try to make sure he knows every day how important he is to me. I never thought I could have a wonderful, loving partnership, and it fills my heart every day.


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