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When you are hosting a party, assuming that you are providing all or most of the food, do you tend to go overboard and have more food than you need, or do you try to get as close as you can to the exact amount of food you need?

I am my mother's daughter - she is always worried about us not having enough food for parties (~15 years later, she STILL brings up the first time my uncle hosted Christmas dinner at his house after his divorce when he insisted he had it all covered - and there was nowhere near enough food). When we host game night, we usually order pizza but we have a variety of snack foods. Everyone brings something, but some people bring more than others. I try to make sure that we have things like chips, nuts, cheese and fruit, etc. Others come with salsa and different salads, etc. When we're done, we clean up, exchange some of the stuff that people brought, and everyone heads out. Last night, one of the guests commented about how we always have more food than we need at our parties, but she always tries to limit things so there's no more than absolutely needed. I've noticed this at parties at her house, partially because I'm kind of a picky eater (for example, I can't stand spicy food), so I've left her parties ravenous before because there were no options that I liked (or I didn't want to try to make a meal of chips). I'm guessing probably something in the middle is better, but just wondering what everyone else does :)

The other question is about "layered" food. For example, layered cookies, string cheese, etc. I always peel my string cheese - I love eating it that way. I also eat things like cookies or candies in layers. How about you, do you take bites of the string cheese or peel it? Do you take apart cookies or candies or other foods that can be disassembled?
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