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Have any of you had your makeup done? Say, at a makeup place or something? I've had mine done a few times, at places like a MAC store and a Sephora and a department store, and as a general rule I've been horribly disappointed. The department store one was when I was in high school and I thought that one turned out OK, but the other ones always left me looking orange. Maybe it would be different if I were to hire a professional to do my makeup. Has anyone done that? My mom and I had ours done at MAC a couple weeks before my brother's wedding to see if we could get some ideas and look good. When we were done, we bought a couple of items (as required) and when we got to the car we laughed about how terrible we looked. We should have taken a picture. It was just bad. Just wondering if others have better experiences than we do.

One of my friends lives in a condo building that has fireplaces in each condo (well, I guess I don't know if they're in EVERY condo but in at least some of them). Not sure why they have fireplaces actually because they're in a very warm area where it's never all that cold in the winter but that's something else. Anyway, in the past week or so, half a dozen wasps have come down the chimney. He doesn't like to kill them so he catches and releases them. I said he should contact his HOA so they can make sure there isn't a nest on the roof, but I was wondering if he sprayed, say, some paper towels with wasp spray and tucked them up into his chimney, if that would help deter them. He has never used his chimney for its intended purpose (and he's lived there for almost 20 years), but I don't know if that would actually keep them away. Any ideas?

What's your feeling on telling people to follow their dreams? I have a friend who has his degree and lots of experience in filmmaking, but as you can probably imagine, unless/until you're really well-known, it's hard to find work (and work you do find is usually unreliable and doesn't pay that well). He is struggling as he does this and does ridesharing to make enough to pay the rent. I enjoy some creative stuff, but I definitely don't have the drive/passion to be a professional in the creative arts. I've always leaned toward doing things that are practical (and, honestly, probably a bit on the safe side). I hope that he is able to find good and steady work in the field he's so excited about, but it's really hard seeing/hearing about how much he's struggling to just barely scrape by (he's also in his late 40s), barely making enough for rent, no insurance, no savings, etc. I'm not interested in telling him what he "should" or "shouldn't" do, but I feel like I have a tendency to be a wet blanket on folks who talk to me about lofty dreams. The whole "do what you love and the money will follow" thing has always seemed ridiculous to me, unless you happen to love programming or engineering or giving medical care. I don't want people to be miserable at their jobs, but I also think it's unrealistic to think that most people can both do work they truly love and also make enough money to have some semblance of financial stability (and really, a lot of people have neither of those things).

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I got my make up done once for photos (for job applications) - my then aunt was a make-up artist. And even though we used my own foundation - I seem to remember - I felt like I was wearing a mask ... ugh ... Maybe I should try it @ MAC one day because I use their foundation now.

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Can't help with the make up thing - I have never worn it, not even for my wedding. Sorry.

Has he shut his flue? That is just about six inches up the chimney and there is usually a level. That would keep the wasps from coming into the house. If he's unsure how to, he could ask maintenance to check it for him.

I've always played things on the safe side, which is odd when you consider that I was in the theatre. When I got my job as the shop foreman for the college's the scene shop, my friend (a technical director for Universal Studios) told me to let him know when I really wanted to make money and he'd call some people in Hollywood for me. I never asked. I had an incredible salary, great benefits and a job I loved... until it disabled me. Even knowing the outcome, I'd do it all over again. However, I know have a job as the office manager for a theatre and I love it just as much. It is possible to have a job and love it.


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