May. 24th, 2016

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Our cat is like a goldfish when it comes to eating. On a normal day, he gets a can of wet food in the morning (somewhere in the 6 - 7am range usually) and another can in the evening (usually in the 5 - 6pm range). He also has a bowl of hard food that Zen keeps filled all the time. He occasionally gets treats as well. He's a huge kitty. To tell us he's hungry, he cries at us, bats at this scratching post thing he has, and bolts into the kitchen if you even sort of move that direction. He is apparently hungry ALL. THE. TIME. 20 minutes after he gets his morning wet food, he's crying and batting at his scratching post. Any time we leave the house and come back he does it. If we fed him as often as he begged for it, he'd be the world's first 200lb house cat. Is everyone's cat like this? My best friend's sister is a vet, and following her recommendation, she feeds her cat 1/2 cup of hard food twice a day and that's *it*. She doesn't get treats or soft food. And while her cat does get huffy about being fed when it's close to mealtime, she doesn't seem to beg all day. She's also like 1/3 the size of our cat. I've never lived with cats before. Maybe this is just how they are?


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