May. 2nd, 2016

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My dad has Lewy Body Disease, which is basically a combination of Parkinsons and Alzheimers. I donate to the Lewy Body association, but the Alzheimer's Association has a lot more activities. One of their activities this year is called "The Longest Day". It's held on June 20th (the summer solstice). Teams are encouraged to pick an activity (or multiple activities) to honor their loved one and others dealing with Alzheimer's. Some teams are doing stuff together, some are doing things separately. Since it's on a Monday, I took the day off work and am trying to decide what I'm going to do. A few of my relatives have done the 5k walk with me but this is... different. :) So when we were kids my dad would take us to the zoo and stuff like that, so I was thinking about taking a trip to the zoo (probably with my niece) and maybe a movie or something later on in the day, and some reading - basically, I want to do stuff that my dad used to enjoy but can't anymore. I'd love to make it a full day of stuff. I'm trying to decide if I should try to plan a "shared" activity in case any of my local family/friends would like to participate. Maybe the trip to the zoo or something. If I *really* wanted to live like my dad used to I would go to work and spend an hour on the way there and back and sit on the couch being crabby when I got home. ;)

One of my friends at work has a birthday on Wednesday. She's one of those people who is always doing sweet things for people and is very supportive and caring. She's also been having a really rough time at work for the past year or so, where she's getting very little support from her boss, they keep piling more stuff on her, there's virtually zero positive feedback from anyone, etc. Also, she's had a couple of deaths in her immediate family over the past couple of years, including her mom and her brother. She's always been the cheerleader, she puts together group stuff (such as the "cheer station" in december - she sets up a table in the common area and gets people to sign up to bring treats to share every day), she always goes to events that other departments put together... she's just a truly nice person and one of the people who makes work a better place to be. We're taking her to lunch today. I also ordered 4 boxes of her favorite cookies (they don't have them at the store anywhere around here anymore but I can get them online), which I'm going to give to her tomorrow, and I ordered flowers to arrive on Wednesday. I'm trying to come up with something else to do for Thursday and Friday to give her the best week possible. I can't decide what. She doesn't really care for sweets (except for these particular cookies), she doesn't drink alcohol. She does enjoy tea and socializing. I was thinking about maybe asking people to bring in treats to share and invite her to a fake meeting so she can come in and be surprised... but sometimes getting people to participate is tricky, even if they really intend to, and it would be worse to have a big room booked and only 3 people show up. Maybe a big birthday card and pass it around? It's not a milestone birthday, I just know she's been feeling unappreciated for a while and I want to do something special for her.


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