Apr. 17th, 2016

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Yesterday I took the plastic off the windows and opened up a few of them to get a nice breeze in here. I had opened the curtains and without the windows open, it shot up to 85 degrees in the house, so that definitely helped. Spring is the time of year when I play a game I call "is that an inside noise or an outside noise?" I don't know if just something about our neighborhood (maybe the park and baseball field?) that makes everything seem louder, or maybe it's just because we're not far from the sidewalk (or maybe I'm just used to sounds being muffled in the winter with the windows closed and sealed up and the furnace running and whatnot), but I spend a lot of time thinking 'was that an inside noise or an outside noise?' The one benefit of the cat is that I can sometimes convince myself that even if it's an inside noise, it's just something the cat is doing. Of course, that doesn't help when I think I hear a noise in the other room and I think "hm, probably the cat" and then look over and see the cat lounging on the back of the couch. I frequently use sound to figure out if something is happening with the house - for example, it's how I figured out we had a slab leak. I don't think my hearing is particularly good, I think I'm just tuned in to the sounds of the house. But already in the last day there have been several instances where I was unsure if Iw as hearing something inside or outside.

Spring also means 'trees and plants of every kind will attack you with bukkake and attempt to kill you.' so I'd better make sure I'm all stocked up on allergy meds and kleenex.

Almost forgot to add... Zen had a weird experience yesterday. He was out on the porch smoking and a guy kind of came jogging up on the sidewalk and asked him where the tracks were (we live a few blocks from the train station). Zen gave him directions and the guy thanked him. A little later, Zen went to run errands and saw a car a few blocks from us (opposite direction from the tracks) where a car had driven up onto someone's lawn and got stuck on the retaining wall. The same guy who had asked him for directions was there talking to the cops. We spent a lot of time speculating on what the heck happened.


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