Mar. 23rd, 2016


Mar. 23rd, 2016 12:31 pm
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In our office, they recently built two new pairs of cubes. They are tucked away at the ends of an existing set of cubes, they are near the windows and are very nice (well, as nice as cubes can be). My closest friend at work is also my current cube neighbor. Yesterday my boss emailed me that he wanted to discuss moving me to one of the new window cubes. One set is near his office and he's already moved one person into it, and... I would prefer to not be next to her. The other set is nice, well off the beaten path, which is very helpful (I'm currently on the main drag and have people stopping by to ask me something "really quick" all the time). I told my friend that my boss was thinking about moving me to one of the new cubes, and she told me she had asked to be moved to the other set with a new employee that she's going to be working closely with, but they told her they would let her know and then moved the new employee into an existing area. She said "I guess 'we'll let you know' is short for 'we'll let you know when we've given that cube to someone else.'" I wanted to talk to him about it, about his thoughts, why he wanted to move me, which cube in particular he was thinking of, etc. I had told my friend I didn't particularly want to move, because I was assuming he wanted to move me to the set near his office. I also have a ton of paperwork on my desk, contracts that need to be documented and filed because the person who was supposed to be helping me with it went out on medical leave and then ended up not coming back, and I've been so busy with my big projects that it's fallen by the wayside. I was concerned one of his reasons to want to move me was to get the messy desk out of the obvious line of sight (I'm not a tidy person even at the best of times, but this is worse than usual).

I was finally able to snag my boss for a brief conversation about the move. It turns out he wanted to move me to the window cube in the "nicer" area (not the set near his office, which was a surprise to me). He basically said I don't have to move if I really don't want to, but he thinks it would be helpful for me to be off the beaten path, plus it's nice and near the window and he wanted me to be in a nice space. I said OK. He told me to set up the move with IT and get moved in the next week or two, and that was that.

And then I got back to my desk and started to feel guilty about my friend. She's been getting screwed over a lot for the past few years, and she's been feeling really left out and forgotten. There was a big project she worked on a couple of years ago, and they decided to make some changes to it recently and they didn't even include her in the discussions. They changed her position a few years ago and have really given her very little support. Meanwhile, they created a department she had been hoping would be created for years, and now she's not included in it because of her new role. So now I'm feeling like I'm just one more suck in the suckyness that is work for her now. Am I being a big jerk taking the cube? I feel like a jerk. I haven't told her yet.


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