Mar. 22nd, 2016

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the purchasing gal is back! Hooray! She gifted me a walking dead monopoly game, which was sweet (and also a relief that she didn't get me the same thing she got me last time ;)). I have to meet with my boss this morning because they recently built some new cubes at work and he emailed that he was thinking about moving me to one of them, so I want to get some more information before I agree to anything.

I start school next week! I missed the orientation due to work and a misunderstanding about the end time of the event, but I found out I can go get the stuff I need on campus, so I should be good. I read the syllabus and I need to get started on my pre-work. It's a Database management class, so I have to come up with a proposal for a project. I'm going to talk to our IT director to see if he has any ideas (and to see if I can get access to maybe a test version of our data warehouse for practice). I've built a couple of access databases for work projects but I'm not an IT person and I'm a little concerned that it might end up being over my head. I won't really know until I start working on it though.

Zen and I are going to my brother's for Easter Brunch (we're cooking) and his sister's for easter... lunch? dinner? I'm not sure. Zen will be making his wonderful egg bake for brunch and his famous cheesecake for the lunch/dinner. I found an awesome looking cake I'm going to try to make for our brunch and I'll also make pancakes and maybe french toast. I love french toast but I never have the right bread for it, so when I make it, it's often not as good as I'd like.

Last night I was exhausted. Zen said he thought it was the relief from the pressure lifting from the stress of trying to do both jobs for 8 weeks. I knew it was time for bed because I was doing my nighttime routine in the bathroom (contacts, washing face, brushing and flossing, etc) and I had taken off my pants and left them close to the door. Out of the corner of my eye as I was brushing my teeth, I saw something dark and got startled/scared. Then I realized I had just been scared... by my own pants. Yeah, time for bed.


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