Mar. 1st, 2016

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Technically this is like grad school light - all you really have to prove to get in is that you have your bachelor's degree. I'm going to a school that has a masters certificate option. This means I can take 4 classes in my chosen area and get a certificate, and then if I decide I want to go ahead and get my master's degree, I have to do the full application with letters of recommendation and the test results and all that jazz. I'm going into Business Analytics. I'm currently a project manager, and I'm more interested in the data and business analyst side of things so I'm working to get more education in that direction. I'm nervous and dreading group work. But right now I have to decide what I'm going to do about books.

I got my Bachelor's degree in 1996 so things have changed a lot since then. Back in the day, you'd go to your local bookstore, sigh in crushing defeat as you ended up spending $650 on books for the semester, and at the end of the year, if they were actually buying back the books you used, you might get $30 if you were really lucky. Now I have options. I need a book called Modern Database Management. My options are: 1. buy the physical book (used) (~$160 - 180) 2. buy the electronic/kindle version of the book (~$150) 3. rent the physical book (~$90) or 4. rent the electronic/kindle version of the book (~$100). While I've taken some courses as an adult, most either had fairly cheap books or used handouts that we got in class. This is the first time I've had the option to go electronic. I don't highlight in my books (typically I'll take notes, but I don't find highlighting useful) so that side of it doesn't really matter to me.

I didn't think I would ever enjoy reading books on an electronic device, but I actually read on my kindle a lot now and really like it. I download library books all the time and it's so wonderful.

Speaking of libraries, the physical book is available through my local library system, but loans are only good for three weeks, and you can renew it once for an additional 3 weeks. It's not at my physical library, so theoretically, if no one else put a hold on it, I could keep it out for 6 weeks, return it, and try to borrow it again before the next class meeting (this would work best if we had a holiday in the middle, but I don't know of any Wednesday holidays coming between now and June ;)). However, worst case scenario is that someone else puts a hold on it and I have to return it in 3 weeks (and then scramble to buy/rent/etc).

Any thoughts? Tips? Suggestions? Ideas? Something I haven't thought of? My sister is in school and she typically buys the physical book and then resells it on Amazon for a bit less than whatever the going price is. One semester she actually made money on a book. I'm not sure I'm ambitious enough to do that though.


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