Feb. 12th, 2016

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As an adult, Valentine's Day is a holiday I never really cared about one way or the other. Grade school/high school was different, as it was always a painful popularity contest. But I'm 100% in favor of finding ways to show people in your life that you care about them, and if this is an excuse to do it, that's awesome.

My issue with the day is that it turns so often into such a painful time for some folks. And really, this is not just a Valentines Day problem. It's true for all kinds of holidays. It's certainly an easy one to lash out at. For folks who are single and sad about it, it can heighten those feelings of loneliness. For folks who are in a relationship, it can put a lot of pressure and expectation into play, and potentially disappointment if expectations are not met.

For me, I wish everyone love and happiness, in all of its many many forms. I hope you feel peaceful and thankful for the love you do have in your life, even if you are searching for something different. I hope that if you're in a romantic relationship, your love is demonstrated and celebrated every day. I hope you can take a few minutes to take stock of the people in your life and reach out to anyone you think might be having a particularly hard holiday.

And don't forget, if you love candy, it will be on clearance Monday morning.


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