Feb. 2nd, 2016

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Sunday was a lesson in fantasy versus reality.

Zen got a bike for Christmas, and made a comment at one point that maybe I could get a bike and we could go riding together. I said "pft."

When we were buying his helmet and I was looking at all the pretty bikes, I thought... well.... maybe.....

And I was listening to Jen Lancaster's I Regret Nothing and hearing about her experience with the adult tricycle. Before I even got to the part where she gave up the tricycle and went with a regular bike, I had looked into the adult tricycle and decided that that wasn't the route I wanted to take because I had also recently joined our local arboretum, and they have a bike route, so I wanted something I could take there without renting a tow-behind trailer.

So after some research and pondering, I decided to take the plunge. I ordered a 3 speed beach cruiser because I figured it was probably best for what I would likely be using it for, which is riding to some nearby locations, like the library (a little over half a mile), the gym (about a mile) and my parents house (a whopping 2 miles).

My fantasy for Sunday: we would assemble the bike, I would ride around the neighborhood, take my books to the library, and maybe swing by my parents house to surprise them and show off my new bike.

The reality... well, the assembly of the bike went as planned. Zen did more than I did but we did work as a team to get everything put together. Once it was fully assembled, I excitedly rolled it outside to start riding. I rolled it off the curb and climbed on.

It... didn't exactly go smoothly. I wobbled a lot. I almost fell down. I was totally freaked out. I told Zen something was wrong with it. Zen came over, got on, and rode around. Well, FINE. Nothing's wrong with the BIKE.

I tried again and did slightly better (I went about half a block). I tried a third and fourth time and made some progress. In this case I'm defining "some progress" as a total of maybe two blocks. Shut up, it's 4 times what I did on my 2nd attempt ;)

Soooo clearly I need some practice. A LOT of practice. Being winter means not a lot of opportunities to go out and practice, but I bet if I did the stationary bikes at the gym that would probably help (right?). But man, that was harder than I remember. It felt weird to move my legs like that. And, I should mention, the last time I rode a bike was to get to my driver's ed class. So, that was, what, 26 years ago? So the good news is I do remember *how* to ride a bike, the bad news is I'm terrible at it. ;)


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