Jan. 19th, 2016

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I got an email from my credit card company that they were sending me a new card with a new account number due to my account being potentially compromised. I don't even know what data breach it might have been related to.

I, fortunately, never had free reign access to a credit card at a time when I might have racked up massive ridiculous charges. There was a period of time when I had to work hard to pay down a very large balance, but that was due to a couple of expensive emergencies at the same time that I got laid off from my job. I can definitely see how easy it would be to rack up charges that will take many years to get paid off. However, as of now anyway, I am doing pretty well at never charging more than I can pay off in a given month. I also don't particularly enjoy shopping, so that might be a contributing factor ;)

Anyway, my point is, I am what I consider to be a responsible credit card user. I also don't email my credit card number out willy nilly, I don't enter my credit card number on strange websites, etc. Zen is *very* anti-credit card, and as I get more and more of these 'here's your new credit card since your old one was probably compromised' sometimes I feel like maybe he's got the right idea. But then something happens like he tries to pay for expensive car repairs with his debit card and it gets denied, and I'm really glad I have a credit card. Really, I'd rather have my cash to work with all month and then deal with the credit card payment the following month rather than trying to track my spending vs what's actually in my bank account throughout the month.

The good news is, the last time this happened, I moved all of my automatic transactions from this card to my other card, so at least I don't have to update anyone. And I really do appreciate the effort to save me from phony charges. I worry a lot about identity theft, I've known several folks who have had horrible stuff they had to deal with due to it. I am very thankful I've never had to deal with it, and I have always been extremely cautious with my paperwork and everything else. But I think about when I was in college and we all had to use our social security numbers as our identifiers all over the place. What a perfect way to steal someone's identity! I even had teachers who posted peoples' grades with their social security numbers. I'm not sure what the best solution is to stop/prevent identity theft, but it's definitely frustrating.


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